Return Policy

Absent or Incorrect Products: The Bluemoonwoods office must be advised immediately by the driver if anything is wrong or missing from the request. Clients who decline this methodology of check will defer all risk to supplant missing items upon signature by means of Onfleet with the driver. Missing things will be conveyed quickly when the patient is situated inside our $50 free conveyance zones. For clients situated inside a more noteworthy separation, we will plan redelivery for the off base/missing thing inside 24 hours, for nothing out of pocket. This applies to all items including blossoms and edibles. A mark will be required to recognize these terms.

Flawed Products: If an item is imperfect, the Bluemoonwoods office must be advised inside 48 hours from the conveyance time so as to plan an arrival or trade without redelivery expense. Things detailed past the 48 hour time frame may fit the bill for trades or comes back with a redelivery expense, or for store credit in  Bluemoonwoods Points. Imperfections revealed after this time might be considered yet are not ensured substitution. Items for trade are constrained to stock accessibility. Blossoms and edibles are excluded. Clients may need to contact the maker straightforwardly to deal with said questions.

Batteries and Cartridges: All cartridges and batteries ought to be tried by the driver when the things are first conveyed. To guarantee a free trade for a non-working battery or a cartridge, the test must be finished during the principal conveyance. On the off chance that a non-working thing is affirmed in the test, a free trade will be planned right away. Clients may deny the driver’s idea to test the cartridges or batteries, however doing so may preclude the chance of trades or returns. We can’t oblige trades on items bought longer than 7 days earlier. A mark will be required to recognize these terms.

Flowers: There will be no trades or profits for opened containers of blossom, mostly expended or not. On the off chance that a patient feels there is a type of inconsistency, it must be tended to with the driver and before opening said item. All deals will be last on opened item.